Rugby Road was formed in 2010 by Dave (Trapper) and Matt Loveridge – a father and son team who are passionate about sport and especially Rugby!

Trapper grew up on the family run pig farm in a the small town of Inglewood on Rugby Road.

Growing up on Rugby Road meant only one thing. He was destined to play Rugby! He played for Inglewood and then went onto play 134 games for Taranaki, 54 games for the All Blacks, 3 as captain. For the last 10 years Trapper has been based in Wellington. Today he works as a coaching co-ordinator for OBU and his Saturdays consist of going from game to game (sometimes up to six), supporting the various teams from juniors, age group, women’s and premiers.

The passion for rugby has been passed down to his son Matt. From a young age he always loved rugby with his first rugby game at the mere age of 2 and a half. Matt also grew up on Rugby Road and played for Inglewood in his younger years. His knowledge of the game and analytical thinking found himself in managerial roles for various teams over the last 10 years.

It’s not all about Rugby for the Loveridge family however. Trapper is known to play a spot of cricket and Matt can be seen on an indoor netball court every now and then. Sky sport gets a good work out with basketball, american football, soccer and even league featuring on a regular basis.

Trapper and Matt know how hard it is for sport clubs financially in this day and age being involved at grass roots level rugby. Their ambition is to bring affordable, comfortable, hard wearing, quality sporting gear to rugby teams, sport clubs, schools and individuals.

Contact Trapper or Matt today to talk about how we can help you, your sports club or school with clothing requirements. We are happy to provide a quote for teams or individuals. Alternatively, we are based in Wellington, New Zealand and happy to meet and chat through your options.